Bitumen Sealing

The Kerway Sealing team offers the following services with RMS Calibrated Spray Sealing Equipment;
• Prime
• Primer
• Primerseal
• Seal – Single/Single, Single/Double & Double/Double
• Re-Seals
• Carparks
• Driveways
• Urban Roads
• Rural Roads
• Highways
• Airports

Bitumen Sealing is a two part application flexible pavement and is the most cost effective and commonly used road surface throughout Australia.

Bitumen is available in a vast range of grades such as C170, C320, ACM products, emulsions, rubber seals and poly modified binders. It is a relatively low cost effective method involving the application of a layer of flexible hot bitumen applied to the surface before applying a uniform layer of pre-coated aggregate followed by rolling. This method preventing the water penetrating into the sub-base acting as a waterproofing layer and wearing surface.

Kerway has the expertise to recommend a seal design to RMS specifications from primer seal through to 2 coat seals best to suit your specific site conditions. There are many different seal designs involving bitumen type, application rates, and aggregate grade. Seal design depends on site specifics on the type of base and proposed traffic volumes.

A Spray Seal can be done as either a single coat (Single/Single) or a two coat (Double/Double). A spray seal finish is only as good as the base surface prepared; a well prepared tight surface formed to the desired shape is required to ensure a long lasting finish.

We specialise in a vast range of Bitumen Spray Sealing applications from driveways to high ways. Whether it is a Primer Seal for your next road formation, single coat suitable for low traffic areas such as residential driveways or a more durable two coat suitable high volume trafficable roads.

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