Stabilisation process

Road stabilisation is a process of mechanically incorporating stabilising agents such as cement or lime into insitu or imported raw materials, turning it into a bound surface.

Stabilising agents such as Cement or Lime is applied to the unbound surface. Kerway’s 2013 built Flocon/VANE automated spreader has a maximum capacity of 23m3. Our spreader can be fitted with one of two distribution VANES. Our spreader has two options for product distribution. Pending product blend the 203.2mm VANE will distribute 20kg/m2 in a single run while the 254mm VANE will distribute 30kg/m2 in a single run.

Kerway’s spreader is assisted with an intelligent GPS controlled system that accurately distributes the required application rate.

The purpose-built CAT RR250B Stabiliser/Road Reclaimer is capable of breaking up existing surface or pavement while incorporating stabilising agents such as lime or cement products. The centrally located chamber on the CAT RR250B performs efficient and thorough mixing of the stabilising agent while recycling the existing or imported material. This process can be completed on a single or a more effective double pass. With a width of 2500mm and a maximum depth of 350mm the material is mixed evenly across the full width of the drum. The CAT RR250B has the option to inject water at a controlled rate directly into the mixing chamber to achieve optimum moisture content for reaction with the binders for maximum compaction.

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