The Kerway Stabilising team offers the following services with RMS and Mines Spec Equipment;
• Road Stabilisation
• Soil Stabilisation
• Pavement Recycling
• Pavement Subgrade Stabilisation
• Lime Stabilisation
• Cement Stabilisation
• Water Injection
• Part Service
• Full Service

Road & Soil recycling using insitu stabilisation methods is the most economical and environmentally friendly technique for repairing roads and unbound surfaces, turning them into hard and durable surfaces. Our Stabilising team offers a fully self-sufficient in situ pavement service with the right equipment. With our 2013 model Flocon/VANE 23cu.m (Cement/Lime) spreader with fully automated spread control with the capacity to spread up to 30kg/sq.m complete with CAT RR250B Road Reclaimer/Stabiliser at 2500mm wide and up to 330mm deep complete with water attachment.

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